The Best Playlists On Spotify

On this page you will find the top of the best Spotify playlists ever made public online. These playlists contain the best music found on Spotify. Some playlists are updated on a daily basis and some are updated weekly. Subscribe to a Spotify playlist of your choice, listen and enjoy!

DNKLPL01: Music produced by Jonas Dunkel

A collection of the music created by Jonas Dunkel’s many music projects.

DNKLPL02: I Love Techno

This list contains a lot of minimal and techno tracks. Adam Beyer & Cari Lekebusch are two of my favourites.

DNKLPL03: This is Electro

This list contains real electro and electro-pop music. Kraftwerk, Little Computer People, Anthony Rother, Fiber Optic Friends, Blotnik Brothers and more.

DNKLPL04: Beach House & Deep House

A collection of groovy beach house music and deep house music. Perfect for any poolside party. Inspired by the Hed Kandi & Stereo Sushi compilation albums.

DNKLPL05: Soulful Disco House

A collection of disco house and soulful house music to get your feet going. Perfect for any house party. Inspired by the Hed Kandi & Stereo Sushi compilation albums.

DNKLPL06: Funky House

This is what I call funky house music. I guess some of the tracks should be in the disco list instead but I think they are to funky to be in there. Inspired by the Hed Kandi & Stereo Sushi compilation albums.

DNKLPL07: Vocal Trance

This collection contains the best vocal trance songs I have found on Spotify.

DNKLPL08: Progressive Trance

A collection of good progressive trance. The list contains Atmos, Bitmonx, K.O.M.B., Son Kite, Ticon, and more…

DNKLPL09: Electronic Dance Music

A playlist full of electro and progressive house music.

DNKLPL10: Best of Italo Disco

By far the most complete Italo Disco playlist on the internet. This playlist include artists like: Scotch, Den Harrow, Tom Hooker, Brian Ice, Fancy, Proxyon, Laser Dance, Albert One, David Lyme, Eddy Huntington, Grant Miller, Hypnosis, Joe Yellow, Ken Laszlo, Koto, Max Him, Miko Mission, Mike Rogers, Bad Boys Blue, Modern Talking, Radiorama, Savage, Silent Circle, Systems In Blue, Valerie Dore, Digital Emotion, Trans-X, Vocoder, Desireless, C.C. Catch, Bobby O, Baltimora and more…

DNKLPL11: Downtempo

A great Spotify playlist containing really good downtempo songs.

DNKLPL12: Late Night Driving

This list contains some tracks with soft deep bass which fits perfectly when driving your car around at night.

DNKLPL13: Drum ‘n’ Bass

This list contains what I call quality Drum ‘n’ Bass.

DNKLPL14: 99% Underbart

Den här listan innehåller främst gamla dansbandslåtar med helt underbara texter. Men det kan även dyka upp en och annan utländsk låt. Denna spellista innehåller artister som: Alf Robertson, Bröderna Djup, Cool Candys, Edvard Persson, Flamingokvintetten, Hasse Andersson, Ingmar Nordström, Jigs, Ole Ivars, Schytts, Stefan Rüdén, Sven Erics, Sven Ingvars, Vikingarna och många fler. Favoritlåtarna är bland andra: “Alla känner nå’n från Göteborg”, “Lycka till med nästa kille”, “Min jojo”, “Mulliga gulliga Ann-Katrin”, “Nei, så tjukk du har blitt”, “Nu är det lördag igen”, “Sofia dansar Go-Go”, “Ragatan på Baggensgata”, “Rara underbara Katarina” och “Vad har du under blusen Rut?”

DNKLPL15: The Best of Ballads

This playlist contains my favourite love songs of all time. If I find a new love song I really like this is the playlist I will put it in.

DNKLPL16: Songs For Sunny Summer Days

A perfect sunny summer day playlist full of good songs for any lazy poolside afternoon. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Now go and get me a cold one and move your feet :) This list contains the music which in different ways symbolizes the summer for me.

DNKLPL18: My Grown-Up Christmas List

A perfect christmas playlist full of christmas songs and carols.

DNKLPL20: Kind of Acoustic

A great playlist containing simply the best acoustic songs available on Spotify.

Best of Soundtrack

A collection of motion picture songs I really like. The playlist contains mainly tracks from movies I have seen but also some tracks which simply is to good to be left out.

Acoustic | Unplugged

Every good acoustic track I listen to on Spotify gets added to this list.

Best of the 50s, 60s & 70s

A collection of my personal favourites from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.

Best of the 1980s

A collection of the music I grew up with from the 1980’s.

Best of the 1990s

A collection of the music I listened to during the 1990’s.

Best of the 2000s

A collection of songs that made it into the charts during 2000.

Best of the 2010s

A collection of songs that made it into the charts during 2010.


A rather big collection of soft love songs.

Club | Euro | Dance

A collection of mainly old club music. This was the “new and hard” stuff in the 80’s and 90’s. There are new tracks in the list as well.

Disco | Motown

A collection of my disco and motown favourties.

EBM | Synthpop

A list of mainly the synth music I grew up with during the 80’s and 90’s.


A collection of various songs I like.


A little collection of funk music.

HipHop | Rap | RnB

A collection of the hiphop and rap songs which I think have the right groove.

Reggae | Ska

I always play this playlist during the summer to get the right summer feeling.

Musik för Svennesommaren

En lista med de allra bästa och typiska svenska sommarlåtarna som håller måttet år efter år.


The tracks in this list contains melodic trance without vocals.

Rock | Metal | Punk | Pop

A large collection of guitar music in different shapes and forms.

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